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This page provides Florida (FL) Lucky Money statistics for the available results. The statistical analysis includes -- but is not limited to -- number frequency, most common Florida (FL) Lucky Money numbers and least common Florida (FL) Lucky Money numbers, common pairs, heat map, numbers that followed numbers as well as other statistics which can be used to build your Florida (FL) Lucky Money winning strategy.

Winning odds

The total number of unique combinations of 4 winning numbers that can be generated from a pool of 47 lotto numbers is 178,365.
Furthermore, the total number of unique combinations of 1 additional numbers (Lucky Ball) that can be generated from a pool of 17 numbers is 17.
This is a 4 / 47 + 1 / 17 lottery system so we need to multiply the above numbers to find out that the odds of winning the Florida (FL) Lucky Money jackpot are one in 3,032,205.

The Florida (FL) Lucky Money statistics you find here on LottoMatic.info are among the most detailed statistics available online. After each and every draw we update our database so the information you find here is always recent.
Since the number of statistics we provide is fairly large, we decided to break them down into subsections some of which also needed to be breaken down even further.

Florida (FL) Lucky Money Heat Map

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Florida (FL) Lucky Money number frequency

Florida (FL) Lucky Money statistics charts

Florida (FL) Lucky Money latest results trends

Florida (FL) Lucky Money trends show whether the numbers go up, go down or stay the same after each draw. This can be a helpful factor when building your winning Florida (FL) Lucky Money strategy.

Florida (FL) Lucky Money latest results match

Some of the Florida (FL) Lucky Money latest results showed up in other lotteries since the previous drawing to the last one. Our analysis shows that often times several lottery numbers are being "predicted" by other lotteries. The Florida (FL) Lucky Money latest results match page shows you what those numbers are and which lottery are they coming from.