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This is the user manual of our lottery number generator. Due to the relatively high complexity of this lottery tool we advise its users to read this before actually using it.
Screenshots are available wherever relevant. Links to the lottery number generators available can be found at the bottom of this page.
Note: We use the US Powerball generator as an example for this user manual but all our generators follow the same general rules.
If you have any questions and/or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

The French version of this page is available here

1. Sum, Range, Gap and Repeat filters

By default, the lottery number generator filters and options are being pre-filled using certain factors based on the lottery statistics we compute and provide to our users. Make sure you review and adjust the default filters before you start generating your lotto results.

For this set of filters, a range slider (min. and max. values) as well as a text field located under the range slider are available.
The slider allows you to set the min. and max. values of the filter while the text field under it gives you the possibility to eliminate certain values that fall between the range defined with the help of the slider. This way, a certain range of values can be set as mandatory and, at the same time, some of those values can be excluded.

1.1. Sum of lottery numbers

Probably the best way to explain the functionality of the SUM range slider and the text field underneath it is by providing an example.

Let's say you've set the Sum of lottery numbers slider to 104 and 258 (min. and max. values). In the field below the sum slider, let's assume you typed 104,105,138,188,172.
In this particular case, the lottery number generator will return all possible lotto results that have the sum of their numbers between 104 and 258 but none of the lotto results having the sum of their numbers equal to 104,105,138,188 or 172.

The same principle applies to the other six filters in this filtering section.

1.2. Sum of the digits

This is the sum of the digits that form the numbers of the lotto results. Example: the sum of digits for numbers 7, 16 and 21 is 7 + 1+6 + 2+1.

1.3. Range of lotto numbers

This is the difference between the highest and the lowest lotto numbers in a set of lotto results. Example: the range of the lotto results 7, 16, 21, 28 and 38 is 38 - 7 = 31.

1.4. Smallest difference

The smallest difference between two adjacent numbers of a set of lotto results. Example: the smallest difference in the above example (2. Range) would be 5 (21-16).

1.5. Greatest difference

The greatest difference between two adjacent numbers of a set of lotto results Example: the greatest difference in the above example would be 10 (38 - 28).

1.6. Repeating decades

The number of same decades (the tens of a number) in the lotto results. Example: there are 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 repeating decades in the above example. Example 2: Lotto numbers 11, 12, 15, 17, 19 have only one repeating decade because all numbers start with 1.

1.7. Repeating last digits

The number of same last digits in any lotto results. Example: numbers 12, 22, 32, 35, 45 have 3 + 2 repeating last digits.

The sum, sum of digits, range, etc.. for the previous lotto results are available in the lottery matrix.

Here is a screenshot of the Sum, Range, Gap and Repeat filters:

Lottery number generator - Sum, Range, Gap and Repeat filters

2. Consec., Even/Odd and Space filters

2.1. Consecutive numbers

This filtering section makes it possible to define how many consecutive numbers each lotto results should or should not contain.
For instance, if you would like to generate only lotto results that have at least one set of 2 consecutive numbers but not more than two, you would set the Min. drop down menu to 1 and the Max. drop down menu to 2.
To restrict all consecutives in the generated lotto results set all (Min AND Max) consec drop down menus to 0 (zero).

2.2. Even/Odd numbers

This section of the filters also allows you to define how many evens and how many odds each combination should contain.
For example, if you set both, the Min. Evens and the Min. Odds fields to 2, each generated results will contain at least 2 even numbers and at least 2 odd numbers.

Tip: For a 6/49 lottery, in order to generate lotto results that have only one even or only one odd, you'll need to use the number generator in two different sessions. During the first session the Evens would be set to 1 and the Odds would be set to 5 while during the second session the Evens would be set to 5 and the Odds would be set to 1.

2.3. Space between numbers

The space (or distance) filters allow you to define what should be the difference between any two adjacent numbers in each of the generated lotto results.
Each distance can be defined in the form of a range between a min. and max. value.

Here is a screenshot of the Consecutive and Evens/Odds filters:

Lottery number generator - Consec., Even/Odd and Space filters

3. Lottery History filters

3.1. History filters

The history filters are another valuable asset of the lottery number generator.
While analyzing various lotteries worldwide, the LottoMatic team realized that there is a certain relation between previous and next lotto results so we decided that having these filters is a must. They allow the user to set how many numbers of each generated lotto results should've been drawn previously during the last 100 draws as well as during the whole history of a certain lottery.

Another aspect that captured our attention is the fact that some of the lotto numbers in the next lotto results were drawn previously EXACTLY in the same order. This is why we've enhanced these filters to include a way to check if a certain set of numbers from the generated combination has been drawn previously (STRICTLY) in the exact same order.

3.2. Last time 2 numbers

The values typed in the LT 2 (abbreviation we used for "last time 2") field will make sure the lotto results you generate will have 2 numbers drawn during the last Min. and Max. lottery drawings. A more detailed explanation is available in the lottery number generator by clicking on the icon.

3.3. Use from last draw

The Use from last draw drop down fields can be used to allow a certain amount of numbers from the last lotto results to be used. For example if you set these drop down menus to 1 and 2, only those lotto results will be generated that contain at least 1 but not more than 2 numbers from the last results.

Here is a screenshot of the Lottery History filters:

Lottery number generator - Lottery History filters

4. Key, Exclude, Trends & More...

4.1. Keys

The keys are the numbers that every generated lotto results MUST have. These lottery number generators allow the use of any number of keys (type them separated by one comma, for example 15,23,31).
Based on this example, all generated lotto results must contain at least one of the numbers 15 or 23 or 31.

4.2. Exclude if contains

This filter controls what the generated lotto results can NOT contain.

Take a look at this example:
Let's say you want to wheel numbers 01, 03, 04, 09, 10, 14, 15, 16, 20, 22, 23, 28 and 30 (these will be selected in the "Numbers to wheel" section of the number generator).
If for some reason you don't want numbers 14 and 20 to show up together in any of the generated lotto results, you'd type them in the textarea in one line.
To eliminate any results containing numbers 14 and 15, you'd type these two numbers in the textarea in a new line.
If you want numbers 20, 23, and 28 to NOT show up together in any of the generated results, you would type them in the textarea in another line.
Based on this example, the content of the textarea would look like so:

4.3. Trends must go

The Trends must go drop down menu helps you keep only the lotto results that have all lotto numbers higher (trends must go Up) or lower (trends must go Down) than the numbers of the last lotto results.
By looking at the lottery trends one can conclude that -- oftentimes -- immediately after all lotto numbers from one day and one lottery have the same trend (e.g. up = they're all higher than the numbers in the previous results) they will all have an opposite trend the very next time.

4.4. SUM, SUMd and Range - same trend

During the years of work with lottery numbers we have noticed that the SUM, SUM of digits and the range trends are all the same on very rare occasions only. For this reason we have included the SUM, SUMd and Range field which can be used to eliminate any lotto results that have all these three factors go the same way (up or down).

4.5. Display ... numbers / row

This setting allows you to customize the numbers to wheel view. Some lottery players are already used to working with a certain layout so we thought you may find this to be be helpful.

4.6. Ignore the last n drawings

Use this setting to ignore a certain number of lottery drawings going backwards from the last one. For example, by typing 2 in this field, the last 2 lottery drawings -- of the lottery the generator is being used for -- will be ignored.
Furthermore, the lottery number generator will automatically match the generated lotto results to the lottery results of the closest ignored lottery drawing.

4.7. Chunk size

Based on the amount of the selected numbers to wheel and based on the filters applied, there can be a huge amount of generated lotto results. This could result in screen freezing or other unpleasant experiences.
For this particular reason our lottery number generator will split that huge amount of lotto results in chunks. Use the chunk size field to set how many lotto results each chunk should have (display).

4.8. Shuffle prefiltered lotto results

The lottery number generator generates the combinations in an ascending order (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 | 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 | 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 | etc.)
If a relatively large number of lotto results is being generated, you may want to only use let's say 20 of them. Now, due to the way the numbers are being generated, you will end up having 20 very similar lotto results which may not be exactly what you want. So you can choose to shuffle the prefiltered lotto results. This way you will end up having 20 pretty different ones.

Note: Prefiltered results are the results that are being generated based on all BUT the history filters.

Here is a screenshot of the Key, Exclude, Trends & More filters:

Lottery number generator - Key, Exclude, Trends & More filters

5. Match generated against...

Here you can select certain lotto numbers to be matched against the generated lotto results. In case any lottery results are being ignored (Ignore the last ... lottery results), the match against numbers are being automatically selected.

6. Numbers to Wheel

This is where the numbers to be wheeled will be selected by clicking on any of them. The background color of the numbers is related to the number frequency. The more frequent numbers tend towards a red background while the less frequent numbers tend towards a yellow background.

Note: For the lotteries that have more than one extra number, if the amount of extra numbers selected (checked by the user to be wheeled) is lower than the amount of extra numbers that particular lottery normally has, the system will automatically generate random extra numbers just like it does if no extra numbers are being selected at all.

Note: Prefiltered results are the results that are being generated based on all BUT the history filters.

Here is a screenshot of the Numbers to Wheel:

Lottery number generator - Key, Exclude, Trends & More filters

7. The generated lotto results

Alright, you have set up the lottery number generator filters in a split second (lol) and now you would like to see the winning lotto numbers, right?
All you need to do is to click on the "GET ME THE JACKPOT!" button located under the right side of the numbers you selected to wheel.

The numbers will be generated in chunks as per your settings and the extra or special numbers -- such as Powerball, EuroMillion number, etc. -- will have a different background so that you can easily differentiate between the main numbers and the extra numbers.
The consecutive sets of numbers will also be highlighted.

Here is a screenshot of the generated lotto results:

Generated lotto results

8. Further lottery resources

The obvious question is: "How does one come up with the values for all these filters?"

No worries, we've got you covered! We constantly compute the values of all this lottery statistical factors and publish them on our website.

By far the most comprehensive lottery statistics are available on the lottery matrix. The lottery matrix contains ALL the data one needs to take maximum advantage of the lottery number generator.
Lottery statistics such the sum, sum of digits, evens, odds, etc.. can also be found on the lotto results page of every lottery we monitor.
Tip: Once you start using any of our lottery number generators you can click on the to see an explanation of what that particular filter does.

The links to the lottery trends can be found under the latest lotto results of each lottery.

9. Available number generators

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