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Lotto Onsdag (1) checker - INFO

The Lotto Onsdag (1) results checker helps you check your lotto numbers against the latest 30 Lotto Onsdag (1) results in 2 easy steps, the second one being optional.

  1. Select your Lotto Onsdag (1) numbers by clicking on the numbers laid out below
  2. Choose what is the minimum of matches Lotto Onsdag (1) results should contain in order to be displayed

The first step is basically where you tell the Lotto Onsdag (1) checker what your numbers are.
The second step is where you controll what Lotto Onsdag (1) results should be returned by the Lotto Onsdag (1) checker.

For a better understanding of how the Lotto Onsdag (1) checker works, let's look at an example.

Let's assume your numbers are: 03, 07, 15, 23, 31
You selected your numbers by clicking on them but you only want the checker to return (show you) those Lotto Onsdag (1) results that contain at least 2 of your numbers.
For this you'll click on the "2NRs" button under the "Lotto Onsdag (1) results should contain at least..." section of this page.
If you would like the checker to return results that contain at least 3 of your numbers you click "3NRs" button and so on...