Swiss Lotto predictions › 2018-05-16

Lotto Results

Predictions breakdown

Our best prediction was 4+1 winning numbers (on 2 different tickets).

834 winning tickets for this particular draw have been available here BEFORE the draw took place. Since Saturday, May 12 @ 12:15 GMT to be precise!

Tier Tickets X Prize Total/tier
4+1 numbers 2 X 185.40 = 370.80CHF
4 numbers 10 X 78.20 = 782.00CHF
3+1 numbers 137 X 29.95 = 4,103.15CHF
3 numbers 685 X 9.40 = 6,439.00CHF

Previous predictions are being deleted to save the space on our server for the new predictions. The Swiss Lotto predictions for the next draw are available here

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