Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 - story of number 42

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The latest story of Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 number 42.

First things first... number 42 appeared in the Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 results 125 times and a total of 16,504 times in the other 86 lottery games we analyze here at LottoMatic.

Let's break down the 125 times number 42 showed up in the Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 results...

Our analysis shows that Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 number 42 has a favorite day. It's Monday! This number has been in the Monday's Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 results 23 times.

On the other hand, Tuesday is a day when number 42 is a little absent :) It only showed up 15 times.

The other days number 42 has been drawn are:

  • 20 times on Wednesday's
  • 20 times on Thursday's
  • 16 times on Friday's
  • 16 times on Saturday's
  • 15 times on Tuesday's

The best buddy number 42 seems to be having is number 20. They were drawn together 23 times in the Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 results.
However, for some reason the same number 42 choose to show up together with number 34 only 6 times.

We asked the statistics department how did number 42 do during each month of the year and they gave us an exact answer:

  • During Octobers it was drawn 12 times
  • During Januarys it was drawn 12 times
  • During Augusts it was drawn 11 times
  • During Decembers it was drawn 11 times
  • During Februarys it was drawn 11 times
  • During Mays it was drawn 11 times
  • During Novembers it was drawn 10 times
  • During Junes it was drawn 9 times
  • During Marches it was drawn 8 times
  • During Julys it was drawn 7 times

As for the years go, this number was drawn...

  • In 2016 42 times
  • In 2018 28 times

Oh, and one more thing, last time number 42 was drawn in the Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 was on 2018-10-10 but you probably knew that already :)

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