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Use our lottery quick pick to generate the "meat" for your lottery tickets.

Links to the available lottery quick-picks can be found at the bottom of this page.

Quick Pick System description

Please note that the lottery quick picks we generate are unique meaning that every single quick pick will only be generated once between two drawings. We save each generated quick pick in our database and, whenever we generate another lottery quick pick, we check it against the quick picks we have saved in the database.
If we find a match, we'll generate another one (and -- if necessary -- another one, and another one, and another one, etc...) until we find your unique lottery quick pick.
Furthermore, we make sure your lottery quick picks are smart enough to follow the common patterns of the lottery lotto results.
What do we mean by lottery smart quick picks?
Let's say the most recent lottery results never had the SUM of the numbers lower than X nor higher than Y and the range (difference between the highest and the lowest numbers in a lotto results set) was never lower than A nor higher than B.
When we generate your quick picks, we make sure the sum of their numbers will be between X and Y and their range will be between A and B.
This way the lottery quick pick you get here on has an increased chance of being your winning lottery ticket.

The meaning of the statistical data displayed under each generated quick pick:

  1. SUM is the SUM of the lottery numbers in your lottery quick pick
  2. SUMd is the SUM of the digits that form the lottery numbers in your lottery quick pick
  3. Range is the difference between the highest and the lowest lottery numbers in your lottery quick pick
  4. Evens and Odds shows how many even numbers and how many odd numbers your lottery quick pick contain
  5. RD represent how many repeating decades are in your lottery quick pick
  6. RLd represent how many repeating last digits are in your lottery quick pick
  7. For each set of consecutive numbers (2 consecutives, 3 consecutives, etc...) the border color will be different

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Here is a screenshot of the Quick Pick:

Lottery Quick Pick

Lottery Quick Pick Systems

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