Lotto Timetable

Lotto Results

This timetable contains information regarding the days and the time drawings take place for each of the 89 lotto game we analyze here at LottoMatic.
A checkmark under any day of the week column means that a drawing takes place on that particular day of the week.
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The Largest Jackpots Recorded page contains the greatest jackpots of these 89 lotto games.

Note: The default draw times presented in this table are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The timetable

Country Lottery Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Draw Time
SE Lotto Lordag (1) 17:55 (GMT)
GB UK Thunderball 21:35 (GMT)
EU EuroMillions 19:00 (GMT)
GB UK Health Lottery 20:55 (GMT)
ES Spain BonoLoto 20:00 (GMT)
EU EuroJackpot 20:00 (GMT)
ZA South Africa Powerball + 19:00 (GMT)
ZA South Africa Powerball 19:00 (GMT)
GB UK 49s 23:00 (GMT)
GB UK 49s Teatime 15:50 (GMT)
GB UK 49s Lunchtime 11:50 (GMT)
RU Gosloto 6 45 15:00 (GMT)
AU Australia Set For Life 10:00 (GMT)
BR Quina Brazil 22:00 (GMT)
US New Jersey (NJ) Pick Six 23:56 (GMT)
US Illinois (IL) lottery 02:22 (GMT)
US New York (NY) Cash4Life 01:00 (GMT)
US Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 03:34 (GMT)
IT Italy SuperEna Lotto 18:00 (GMT)
PL Polish Lotto 19:40 (GMT)
ES Spain La Primitiva 19:40 (GMT)
HK Hong Kong Mark Six 13:15 (GMT)
GR Greece Joker 19:00 (GMT)
TR Turkey Super Lotto 6 54 18:30 (GMT)
RO Romania Lotto 6din49 15:00 (GMT)
US Indiana (IN) Hoosier lottery 02:50 (GMT)
JP Japan Loto 6 10:00 (GMT)
DE Germany Lotto 6aus49 16:45 (GMT)
AU Australia Powerball 09:00 (GMT)
CA Canada BC49 02:30 (GMT)
CA Canada 6 49 02:30 (GMT)
CO Colombia Baloto 03:15 (GMT)
CA Canada Western 6 49 02:30 (GMT)
CA Ontario 49 Lotto 02:30 (GMT)
US Arizona (AZ) The Pick 01:59 (GMT)
US New York (NY) lottery 03:21 (GMT)
US Vermont (VT) Megabucks + 23:59 (GMT)
US Michigan (MI) Classic lottery 47 23:29 (GMT)
US California (CA) SuperLotto 03:00 (GMT)
US Florida (FL) lottery 03:00 (GMT)
US Colorado (CO) lottery 01:35 (GMT)
US Ohio (OH) Classic lottery 23:29 (GMT)
CA Quebec 49 02:30 (GMT)
BR Brazil Mega Sena 21:00 (GMT)
MX Mexico Melate 02:15 (GMT)
US Missouri (MO) lottery 01:59 (GMT)
US Washington (WA) lottery 03:00 (GMT)
US Oregon (OR) Megabucks 02:29 (GMT)
US Louisiana (LA) lottery 02:10 (GMT)
US Super Kansas (KS) Cash 02:10 (GMT)
US Wisconsin (WI) Megabucks 02:05 (GMT)
US Massachusetts (MA) Megabucks 03:20 (GMT)
US Texas (TX) lottery 03:12 (GMT)
GB UK Lotto 21:00 (GMT)
FI Viking Lotto 18:00 (GMT)
IE Irish Lotto 18:58 (GMT)
UA Ukraine Super Loto 19:50 (GMT)
UA Ukraine MegaLot 19:40 (GMT)
AT Austria 6aus45 16:47 (GMT)
GR Greece Lotto 18:00 (GMT)
ZA South Africa Lotto 18:00 (GMT)
ZA South Africa Lotto + 18:00 (GMT)
CH Swiss Lotto 17:00 (GMT)
FR France Lotto 18:30 (GMT)
BE Belgium Lotto 18:00 (GMT)
SE Lotto Onsdag (2) 16:25 (GMT)
SE Lotto Onsdag (1) 16:25 (GMT)
US Mega Millions 04:00 (GMT)
NZ New Zealand Powerball 06:00 (GMT)
AU Australia Wednesday Lotto 09:00 (GMT)
MX Mexico Melate Retro 02:15 (GMT)
US Connecticut (CT) lottery 02:38 (GMT)
US Florida (FL) Lucky Money 03:15 (GMT)
IL Israel New Lotto 19:55 (GMT)
AU Australia Oz Lotto 09:00 (GMT)
HU Hatoslotto 14:15 (GMT)
AU Australia Monday Lotto 09:00 (GMT)
ES Spain El Gordo 19:30 (GMT)
CA Ontario Lottario 02:30 (GMT)
US Powerball 02:59 (GMT)
FI Finland Lotto 20:20 (GMT)
TR Turkey Lotto 6 49 18:00 (GMT)
HU Otoslotto 17:40 (GMT)
SE Lotto Lordag (2) 17:55 (GMT)
AU Australia Saturday Lotto 09:00 (GMT)
CA Canada LottoMax 02:30 (GMT)
US Hot lottery 02:40 (GMT)
IE Irish Lotto +2 18:58 (GMT)
IE Irish Lotto +1 18:58 (GMT)