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Searching the latest lotto results

In order to achieve the best experience when searching the latest results of any lottery make sure you search for "lottery name latest results". Obviously you'll need to replace lottery name with the actual name of the lottery for which you'd like to view the laters results.

Searching lotto results for a specific date

To find the results for a specific date of a particular lottery we suggest you type in the search box above: "lottery name results for yyyy-mm-dd". Again, make sure you replace lottery name with the actual name of the lottery. The yyyy represents the year, mm represents the month and dd represents the day of the lotto results you're looking for.

Eliminate keywords from search results

Let's say you're looking for the UK Lotto resources. Due to the fact that we analyze several UK lotteries, the search results that will be returned may contain information about other other UK lotteries. If you'd like to eliminate any of the results, type a minus (-) followed by the keyword you wish to eliminate. So, if you're looking for UK Lotto results and resources but would like to NOT get UK 49s or UK Thunderball related search results you could fill the search field like so:
UK Lotto -49s -thunderball

Searching other lotto resources

Due to the structure of, any lottery specific search should start with the lottery name and should be followed by words that describe what you're looking for.

Here are some examples to help you better understand how the search functionality works. By clicking on the links below the search field will automatically be filled out and the search results will be displayed.

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