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This is a 7+4 / 35 lottery system.
Drawings take place every Wednesday at approximately 16:25 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Chances to hit the jackpot: 1 / 6,724,520

We can generate 6,724,520 tickets each containing 7 -- hopefully winning -- numbers from the Lotto Onsdag (2) pool of 35.
That means that the chances to hit the jackpot are one in 6,724,520!

Results database

The Lotto Onsdag (2) results page contains the results from 1998-09-30 up to the latest.
The previous Lotto Onsdag (2) results here on LottoMatic are organized in a tree structure where you can view and filter them by year, by month or by date. On that page you'll find, beside the Lotto Onsdag (2) results, valuable statistical data.

Advanced Number Generator

The Lotto Onsdag (2) number generator (or Lotto Onsdag (2) wheeling system if you will) you find here on LottoMatic is one of its kind.
It has been designed for the professional lottery player who knows what needs to be done in order to win the lottery.
With countless features and an extraordinary flexibility, the Lotto Onsdag (2) number generator will certainly accomplish its goal: to help you win the lottery.

Quick Pick - unique & smart

Use the Lotto Onsdag (2) Quick Pick page to quickly generate the "meat" for your Lotto Onsdag (2) tickets.
The quick picks we generate are unique meaning that every single quick pick will only be generated once between two drawings. Furthermore, every Lotto Onsdag (2) quick pick we generate is being filtered based on the updated statistics of this particular lottery.

Prediction system

Lotto Onsdag (2) Prediction system developed based on the application that managed to hit the EuroMillions jackpot 6 times out of 10.

You can read more about this in this forum topic.

Results Checker

The Lotto Onsdag (2) results checker allows you to check your numbers against the last 30 Lotto Onsdag (2) results. You can also filter out only the results that contain a certain amount of your numbers.
Your numbers are being highlighted on the actual Lotto Onsdag (2) results to help you easily identify those that match your numbers.

Comprehensive Statistics

The Lotto Onsdag (2) statistics you find here on are among the most detailed statistics available online.
After each and every Lotto Onsdag (2) draw we update our database so the information you find here is always most recent.

Compare to other lottery games

On the Compare Lotto Onsdag (2) page you can see the similarities and differences between the Lotto Onsdag (2) results and the results of the other 86 lotteries we analyze.

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